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Denton Automation Ltd specialize in the manufacture of gantry / travelling irrigators for both indoor and outdoor use in the horticultural industry. We offer a complete package from requirement assessment and design to manufacturing and installation, taking into account the growers needs and budget at all times.

At Denton we recognise the demands of today’s competitive market place, to produce plants of high quality and uniformity. We understand to achieve these consistent results requires accurate watering and have dedicated our entire company to providing the most effective irrigation solutions. Along with ever rising labour costs and the need to conserve both water and feeds, many successful growers have sought improved methods for watering and many have found the solution with Denton travelling irrigators.

Denton Travelling Irrigator Benefits:

• Highly accurate and efficient use of water and feeds
• Highly uniform application levels
• Reduced labour costs
• Improved product quality
• Skilled staff freed from the chore of hand watering
• A resultant high quality, uniform and easily graded product

CE Marked
Made in the UK

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