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The WS outdoor irrigator is robust, reliable and ideal for outdoor use with run lengths in excess of 200m and widths of 50m. The single central rail has been designed for ease of installation and to keep lost growing areas to an absolute minimum. We also offer optional split booms to suit bed layouts or other client requirements, these can also be used for simultaneous spraying and watering when applying fungicides. The centre feed hose handling incorporates a large bore MDPE pipe to ensure high delivery of water without reduced pressure loss. Where possible chassis components for the WS outdoor irrigator are either fully galvanised or made from stainless steel for complete durability, whilst all pipe work components are from PVC. Bracketry to permit the attachment of injectors comes as standard.

Please find a full list of the features and benefits below.



  • Fully galvanised steel or stainless steel chassis components.
  • Pre galvanised rolled steel track.
  • PVC boom components


  • Full range of interchangeable nozzle tips providing a choice of application rates and droplet sizes
  • Anti-drip nozzle bodies to prevent drip damage and water waste fitted as standard
  • Optional turret nozzles to provide easy selection of required nozzle tips
  • Drop tubes for watering in-between plants or flooding
  • Edge nozzles for watering fast drying bed edges
  • High volume dribble booms also available

Control and Automation Options

  • Variable speed drive.
  • Bed selection allowing beds to be watered or fed as required using sensors or tachometers .
  • Movable end markers to vary run lengths & reduce cycle times.
  • Remote start from computer.
  • Timeclock start.
  • Manual run/stop or full microchip control.
  • LCD control panel.
  • Automatic shut down in case of obstruction preventing damage to both machine and plants.
  • Multiple passes.
  • Start and finish flush times.

Hose and Cable Handling

  • Centre fed 'free' hose.
  • Centre feed hose and cable handling.
  • End fed hose reel.

Feeding and Spraying

  • Injectors can be mounted directly onto the irrigators enabling direct injection into the water supply at the irrigator itself.
  • Alternatively remote control from the irrigator to the supply valves enables the selection between feeds and fresh water as required.
  • Optional twin booms permit simultaneous spraying and watering (washing
    off) when using fungicides.

CE Marked
Made in UK

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